Friday, September 2, 2011


Are you influenced by visual images, audio sounds, or written words? Believe it or not, we are all influenced by the media in many aspects of life. Radio, television, film, internet and print are various forms of media outlets. Throughout the course of the day most people either listen to the radio, sign on to a computer, read some thing written, or spend at least 30 minutes watching either the news or some type of television show. If all forms of media were removed from our lives for just 24 hours, we would realize how greatly our lives are impacted by media influences. Even if you attempted to avoid all media influences that you normally come into contact with, it would be nearly impossible. Just think about it, many of us can't even leave our homes without our cellphones. Do you really think you could survive without the media? Could you imagine having your cellphone, but without access to your email, your social networks, photos, internet and music? The only feature of your phone would be for verbal communication. There would be no text messaging because that in it self is a written form of media. We have become so accustomed to this way of life that we rarely think about life without it. The media is geared to attract different types of audiences. For example, all people don't listen to the radio, so you may have to reach out to those individuals via printed material, the internet, or the television. The media has different functions.  All forms of media are capable of informing individuals of what is happening in society.  Media can also be used to entertain society, influence perceptions, and portray ideas and images,  Access to the media actually make our lives are lot easier. In a way, it also disables us. We no longer have to work as hard to obtain information. For example, research has become a lot easier because we have access to online journals, online books, online newpapers, etc. However, depending on the assignment many professors still require that students obtain their research from books not obtained online. We even have the capability of obtaining a degree from the luxury of our homes as long as we have online access to the courses. Nevertheless, always stay informed. You have so many options, so there should be very few excuses.  Grab a book, watch television, listen to the radio, or get online.

*Ironically, even though I express my thoughts in written words, my passion lies within visual images such as television and film. They have such a strong impact on society both positively and negatively. I did extensive research on the film industry, its portrayals, and its impact on society. Even though some things  may never change, I would love to attempt to be a part of the solution.

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  1. Naomi, I agree with you. my passion is also visuals images such as television and films. Recently I went to see the film "The Help" it was so inspiring that it moved me to tears and the lady beside me. We connected and embraced one another as to say I forgive you and I am sorry for the treatment of African-American people and at that movement reconciliation of the black and white race took place. It affected us positively because racism can be eradicated one person at a time. Nam things can change through the positive influence of visual images. Mom


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