Monday, September 19, 2011


Many times when you are extremely confident in yourself, others can mistake that confidence for cockiness or conceit. They might be right in their assumption and they might be wrong. However, it is possible to be confident in oneself without being overly vain. You never want to think too much of yourself, because what you have presently can be taken away at any moment. A good way to distinguish confidence from cockiness is by observing how a person speaks. If they talk about themselves all the time and talk about what they can do, then they are probably conceited and self absorbed. Cocky individuals feed off of the attention of others. Conceited individuals are so involved in themselves that there is little room for them to accept advice from others. So, if you find yourself unwilling to listen and take advice from others you might be close to being characterized as cocky and conceited. You can also be confident without having to say anything at. You can spot a confident person from the way that they carry themselves. Even though a person can speak confidently, confidence is best expressed through actions. A confident person is more likely to be respected over a cocky individual. Despite how successful you may become in life, always remember that you didn't get there by yourself.


  1. I think that conceit is like a lint on our clothes, and all of us can see when someone has a little lint on them, but many times it takes others to bring to our awareness that we have some lint on ourselves.


  2. Nicely said Nam: I read a scripture of verse from the book of proverbs in chapter 21 that addresses the issue of overweening conceit. Truely I pray that I never become conceited because of your statement I could have everything one day and nothing the next day. Mom


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