Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Please read the following links which discuss government involvement in how your raise your children: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/on-parenting/post/montgomery-curfew-controversy-how-much-is-this-about-location/2011/07/28/gIQAY6YWfI_blog.html. and http://chappaqua.patch.com/articles/can-government-efforts-help-parents-combat-childhood-obesity-2

Both of these articles deal with issues that are affecting our youth. However, I don't believe that government involvement is necessarily the answer. No parent should need the government to tell them how to raise their children. I personally don't agree with imposed curfews on children under the age of 18 years old. Although, I don't agree with children aimlessly roaming the streets, I believe that parents should control their children's whereabouts. The government cannot replace parents, it is the parent's responsibility to know where their children are. If you cannot account for your children's whereabouts then you might need to work on your parenting skills. Unfortunately, there are many children that have no parental guidance. However, that doesn't make it right to impose a curfew to all children under age 18 years old. I feel like it is punishing an entire group for a few individuals' mistakes. If I were to entertain the idea of a curfew, I feel that it should not only be imposed in urban areas. There are bad kids all over the world, in all types of neighborhoods. Even if you impose a curfew in one area, the crime may migrate to another area where there is no curfew imposed. So, if you really want to minimize crime, it seems as if you would need to impose curfews all over.

Obesity does affect many children and adults in America. However, obesity is a result of personal decisions that parents make for their children. Do you really think that people are unaware that they are eating junk and feeding junk to their children? It is good to implement healthy eating habits. The government can establish programs to aid in obesity, but the audience that they are trying to reach has to want the help. Individuals need to take responsibility for their health and for the health of their children. If the government really wants to help, they could work on eliminating the production of what they say is causing obesity. I mean with fast food restaurants on almost every corner, the temptation is very hard to resist for this fast paced society. So no, removing an obese child from their parent and placing them in temporary foster care is not the answer. Although, it may be seen as form of neglect it would do more harm to the child to remove them from their family. The government thinks that they have the solutions to our problems, but in reality they are the cause of some of these problems that we face.


  1. The instutctions that the bible gives in reference to training a child is to parents, " Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it " Proverbs 22:6.



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