Saturday, September 17, 2011


Many times we complain about certain situations in our lives that we are directly responsible for creating. I can recall times when I have blamed my misfortune on the actions of others. Sometimes, things are out of your control and you can't affect what happens to you. Other times you experience situations based on personal decisions that you have made. A lot of times people look at others around them and say, "Well they seem to be doing okay." From that observation we try to emulate what we see others doing.  The thing about life is that each decision that is made, affects each individual differently. My outcome from a decision may turn out very different from your outcome. So many times I observe people and wonder why they do the things that they do. Then, I remember that I am far from perfect and I am blessed not to have experienced certain misfortunes in my life. I try to learn from others experiences so that I do not make those same mistakes. As a young adult I made several decisions without thinking of the consequences. I also made decisions fully aware of the consequences but continued with those activities. I am very thankful that God was merciful towards me to keep me from all the terrible consequences that I could have endured. I have also learned from consequences of certain decisions that I have made. If your attention can be caught from one bad consequence, hopefully it will prevent you from making numerous bad decisions. Without consequences people would probably do whatever they wanted in life, both good and bad. Consequences are good, because they keep me in touch with reality. Despite what many may imagine, there is no invincible man or woman on this earth.


  1. Well Naomi no truer words have been spoken that decisions have consequences,and currently we live in a society that does not drive the reality of these words into the hearts and minds of the the people that live in it.what I mean is that older generations instilled this reality in the people that lived in it, but this generation or your generation has been overlooked by the parents and the leaders of it, which have failed to express the power of decision making and how one is destain to reap what he or she sows.When anyone has not been challenged with this understanding by those who have raised or reared him, it present to much optimism in his or her mind that this law of logic does not apply to him, therefore decision making becomes very reckless because the tools to believed that this does also apply to me were not given.Look why should anyone for work what they believed is free, or why should anyone tell the truth when they are so often not held accountable for lying.Consistencey creates realities and my generation has not been very consistent with your generation about this subject of decisions and consequences.



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