Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Are you at a stand still in life or are you happy with where you are in life? Those goals that you set many years ago, have they been reached? If not, what happened?? Is there any chance of you getting back on track??? For those who have accomplished those goals that they set, have you set higher limitations for yourself now that you have reached those goals? No matter where you are in life you should never feel completely satisfied because there is always another goal to be reached. It might not even concern yourself, it may involve helping another individual get to where they need to go. Even if you haven't decided on a final destination, at least make sure that you are going in the right direction. Of course, there will be ups and downs, trials and tribulations, but as long as you know where you would like to end up in life, you can make it there. The direction that you are headed in life may not be in the same direction as your family, friends, and associates. However, that comes along with the journey, many people are only in your life for a season, there to help you to get to where you are going, but may not necessarily be there with you at the finish line. Even though life doesn't necessarily go as planned, some plan is a whole lot better than no plan at all.The choices that we make today, determine our tomorrow.


  1. You are definitely on the right track with your reflections. Remember Jesus is your compass and never compromise the word of God.


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