Thursday, August 18, 2011


There are many people that are in our lives today that may not be in our lives tomorrow. While those individuals only remain in our lives for a season, true friends remain forever. A true friend will always be there regardless of whether they are near or far. Even if time transpires between visits or conversations, true friends can pick up right where they left off. Relationships with true friends are never perfect, but after all that you experience together or apart you continue to remain friends. Friends that really mean something to you become like your second family. There is almost nothing that you wouldn't do for them because they mean so much. Sad but true most people don't have the luxury of possessing many true friends. There are usually a few individuals that you can describe as a true friend. You can identify a true friend by their deeds, actions, and words. There are special bonds that true friends share. Even distance and time cannnot break the bond that you may share. True friends keep in touch. They remember your birthday, they inquire about your family, and when possible they spend time with you. Another way in which to recognize a true friend is to observe who remains in your presence when you are going through difficult times. It is easy for anyone to associate with you when you are doing good, but you know that they really care if that same person is right there when you are going through difficult times. They will take time out of their schedule to assist you with whatever they are capable of. True friends probably get on your nerves the most because you really care about them. It is very easy to hurt the ones that you care about the most. If you didn't care about one another then you probably wouldn't be as likely to get upset. True friends know the good and bad about you and accept you as you are. Relationships between true friends are lifetime experiences that can never be destroyed.


  1. Well I guess you can include me as one of those who don't have true friends, but I got the main one that I need.

    Dad :)

  2. nice I like and Daddy I'm your true friend too! :)


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