Monday, August 22, 2011


Trust is important in relationships; however, it should not be given away easily. Rather it should be gradually earned. If it is gradually earned it provides you a sense of protection until you decide to fully put your trust into someone. Everyone does not deserve your trust. Trust is very personal and intimate. It involves allowing others into some part of your life. Usually, it takes a while to know someone before you actually put your trust in them. You can't really trust someone that you have just met. Trust in its initial stages could be described as faith. You believe that they are a good person, or that they will follow through on what they said. However, you may not know them personally to actually trust that they will follow through. Once you have established trust with someone and that trust is broken it is nearly impossible to gain that same level of trust again. That memory of broken trust will always remain in the back of your mind. Many times the broken trust ruins the relationship. It takes a lot to put all your trust into someone. It can involve opening up to someone mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Be careful of whom you put your trust. Analyze the situation and follow your instincts, it could save you from unnecessary discomfort.


  1. I see, A work in progess, Or Maybe not because sometimes repairing somethings is worth it, and other times it's not worth it at all, just count your loses in keep on moving.


  2. Trust is faith and if you have faith in God and you ask him to help you to forgive an individual that you have put your trust in prematurely he will help you restore broken relationships. However, it is wise to get to know individuals in a marriage, friendship, work and faith-based relationship. If you put you trust in God and the other partner is unforgiving, it is impossible for the relationship to work. Mom

  3. I think trust and faith are similar but different.


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