Saturday, August 6, 2011


So many times in life we tend to judge people and situations without fully understanding certain dynamics. We take what we have read or what someone else has told us about people and situations and accept that as the truth. I admit, I am guilty of this and many times I have discovered that what I had been told or what I  thought was not necessary true. Although certain judgements may be true regarding certain individuals, it is not fair to judge.Rather than prejudging people and their situations, first attempt to obtain the facts, and from there you can truly understand why people possess certain traits.Judging can be taught or it can come from within. Many times the people that we associate ourselves with tend to influence our judgements of others. So, if you continue to find yourself around others who are constantly judging people without a factual basis, please be a part of the solution and remove yourself from that negative circle. So with that said....tune in for my next posting soon!!!!!!


  1. Nam, I have learned in dealing with people it is better to let people discover and get to know the personalities and habits of others on their own. I say this because how I may feel about a person may not be the way you feel about the peron once you get to know them. Of course, if the person is a felon, murderer, child abuser,criminal,etc, than I would forewarn you and then let you make the decision to continue your relationship. However, i would make sure my facts are true.


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