Sunday, August 21, 2011


Many of us are familar with the saying, "Failure Is Not An Option". This basically means that you refuse to fail at whatever you are trying to accomplish. However, we are faced with failure whether we like it or not. It is not realistic to believe that you will never fail at anything in life. Failure is not necessarily a negative thing because it allows us to learn from whatever mistake was made. Obstacles and difficulties throughout your life prepare you for success at some point in the future. You may fail several times before you actually become successful at something. Sometimes you don't have contol over failure and other times you are directly responsible for your failure. You are only responsible for things that you can control. Try not to beat yourself up too hard if you happen to fail at something. As long as you get back up and try again you are not totally defeated. Always remember that you only remain a failure if you don't try at all. Every time you try you get closer to your goal.


  1. Sounds like something that I've heard before, but it's all good, MUCH LOVE


  2. Nam, I agree with you that failure is not necessary a negative thing because it allow you to learn from your mistakes. I hope your point of view help people to try something they want to do and not fear failure. For example I have always wanted to learn how to swim but because of the fear of drowning I have put it off, but I have decided to give it a try. That's for boosting my morale.

  3. Guess what Mom....I attempted to go swimming about 2wks ago...I'm not afraid to go into the water but I'm afraid to dive forward into the water. The first step to swimming is learning to float. So I plan to get some private swimming lessons :)


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